Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg sticky

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg is the landmark of the city and known in the whole world. It is surrounded by a big place where tourists and inhabitants of Strasbourg like to take a walk.

Kammerzell House

This half-timbered house very impressive is a High Gothic building. Today, a popular restaurant is inside. You find the Kammerzell House at Place de la Cathédrale.

Old town around the Cathedral

The old town of Strasbourg, surrounding the Cathedral of Our Lady, is the city centre and the most important part to do shopping in the Alsation metropole. It is located between Place Broglie, Place Gutenberg and Place Kléber.

La Petite France (Little France)

"La Petite France" is probably the most charming district of Strasbourg and there are always a lot of people from all over the world taking a walk in the small streets.

Maison des Tanneurs in ‚La Petite France’

This former house of tanners was built in 1572 and is one of the prettiest half-timbered houses in Strasbourg.

General Kellermann monument

This monument shows general Kellermann who is known for his victory over the Prussians in the battle of Valmy.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe monument

This statue reminds Goethe's stay in Strasbourg and can be found at the University of Strasbourg.

Monument aux Morts

This monument at the Place de la République was created to remind of the soldiers killed in action during World War I.

Terrasse Panoramique du Barrage Vauban

This viewpoint offers a great view over the four towers of the Covered Bridges and the district La Petite France.

Passerelle des Deux Rives (bridge of two banks)

On the occasion of the first transnational gardening show in Kehl and Strasbourg in 2004, the two cities decided to build a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians.


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