Strasbourg's tram

Strasbourg offers a wide network of public transport, including six different tram lines serving a large area of the city. Since 1994, the tram network has been more and more extended and with the return of a tram system in Strasbourg, an urban redesigning was decided, which has transformed Strasbourg into a modern metropole.

Currently, the following lines are serving in Strasbourg (state of April 2016)

  • A: from Parc des Sports to Graffenstaden (via the city-centre, stops at the main station and all hotspots in old town)
  • B: from Hoenheim Gare to Lingolsheim Tiergaertel (stops for example at the exhibition centre and in the city centre)
  • C: from Gare Centrale to Neuhof Rodolphe Reuss (stops in the city centre and at the university)
  • D: from Poteries to Aristide Briand (stops for example at the main station and in the city centre)
  • E: from Robertsau Boecklin to Campus d'Illkirch (stops in the European quarter, at the exhibition centre and in the city centre)
  • F: from Place d'Islande to Elsau (stops for example at the observatory and at the university)

All current lines stop at "Homme de Fer" in the city centre, which is the central stop to change tram. Line A was the first line inaugurated in 1994, followed by the others after several years break. The line network is constantly extended and modernized.

For more information on lines, rates and more, visit the CTS website, provider of the public transport in Strasbourg. Our tip: when parking your car at one of the park & ride spaces in Strasbourg, you may use the parking ticket for a transfer into the city centre and back to the car park - the offer is valuable for up to 5 persons in your car. The ticket has to be validated before getting on the tram!

Image source: Mauritsvink, Wikimedia Commons

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