Shopping in Strasbourg

Shopping malls and department stores

Besides two big shopping malls where you can find shops of almost all common national and international labels, Strasbourg has several big department stores offering glamourous, high quality brands. You can find clothes, cosmetics, household goods, decoration and lots of more products there.



France has always been known for sexy and pretty lingerie. The delicate cloths are true eye candies and local shops offer a wide range of different products. There are several shops that are specialised in lingerie in Strasbourg.


Perfumes & Cosmetics

For those looking for a new and special perfume, there exist several perfumeries in Strasbourg. It has to be said that big perfumeries with a wide range are very popular in France. In some of those shops, you may find cosmetics and handmade soaps as well.


Alsatian specialties and French delicacies

In the country of gourmets, you will surely get past chesse, mussels, chocolate, alcoholic drinks etc.  In this category, we let you know where to get those Alsatian and French delicacies.


French pastries

Tasty, small treats and pastries are the specialties of French patisseries. You find them all over Strasbourg and Alsace and the small delicacies can be taken away or consumed immediately - in lots of the patisseries, you can have a seat and a coffee as well. A visit in a patissery is absolutely worth it and represents a real French experience.


Alsatian wine & wine tastings

Alsace is a beautiful wine region and therefore the ideal place to do a wine tasting in a "cave" which means wine cellar in French. There are many wine-growing estates around Strasbourg and lots of wine merchants in Strasbourg itself. Often, there is no need to reserve such a wine tasting before.


Souvenirs from Alsace / France

When looking for a souvenir or small present for those who stayed at home, you may find something in one of those shops: they are offering Alsatian craftsmanship, pottery, embroidery and many other typical objects. You will be spoilt for choice!


Alsatian pottery & French cookware

A specialty of Alsace are lavishly painted ceramics used for traditional French and Alsatian cuisine. They are often of blue color with little flowers. In Strasbourg, you will find some shops specialized in selling such pretty pottery and, of course, French cookware. If you would like to see where the pottery is made, the best place is in Soufflenheim, Alsace.



France has a great market culture which attracts tourists from all over the world. At every market, you get the chance to taste French specialities and sometimes, you can even buy clothes or household goods there. In Strasbourg, smaller and bigger markets take place almost every day in the different quarters of the city.


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