Synagogue de la Paix

The Synagogue de la Paix (Synagogue of Peace) is located next to the Parc du Contades and was created by the famous architects Berst and Levy.

Saint Thomas church (Eglise St. Thomas)

In 1996, this church with nave and side aisles of equal height celebrated its 800th anniversary. This type of church is unique in Alsace and it is not only a place for mass, but for cultural events as well.

Raven's Courtyard (Cour du Corbeau)

Nearby the raven bridge, you will find the Raven's Courtyard which is surrounded by pretty half-timbered houses.

Planetarium of Strasbourg

The planetarium of Strasbourg is located in the heart of the city, its special ambience makes the visitors dream. Amazing pictures show the impressive world of the stars.

Parc de la Citadelle

This relaxing park in the district Esplanade once was part of the notorious fortification of Strasbourg.

Parc de l'Orangerie

You find this pretty park with beeches, plane trees and green meadows near the European institutions. There is a small zoo with monkeys, poultry and other smaller animals in the park.

Parc du Contades

This park next to the Synagogue de la Paix was created in 1764 at the former firing practice range. It is near to the House of Television.

Palais des Rohan (Palace of the Rohan)

The former palace of the prince-bishops of Strasbourg is a highlight for art history lovers.

Obelisk Leclerc

This obelisk was created by the artist Saupique in 1951. It reminds of the general Leclerc who liberated Strasbourg in November 1944.

Jew Street (Rue des Juifs)

This little street in the old town of Strasbourg was the commercial street of the Jews in the past. One can find beautiful shops here. When looking at the façades of the houses, it turns obvious that the jewish commercials must have been quite wealthy.


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