Passerelle des Deux Rives (bridge of two banks)

On the occasion of the first transnational gardening show in Kehl and Strasbourg in 2004, the two cities decided to build a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians connecting them: the "Passerelle des Deux Rives" which means bridge of two banks.

The architect responsible for the creation of the bridge was the Parisian Marc Mimram, who at the same time wanted to give visitors a feeling of community and the possiblity to admire the landscape on both sides of the Rhine river.

The bridge is a symbol for peace in Europe and transnational collaboration. Important figures known from politics, like for example Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, already visited the bridge during the NATO summit in Strasbourg and Kehl in 2009.

Image source: Aline Tittelbach, Webmanager GmbH