Monument of Johannes Gutenberg

From 1439 to 1444, Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of letterpress printing, lived in Strasbourg. His statue can be found on Place Gutenberg, near to the cathedral.

Monument of General Kléber

The general Kléber was a popular strategist under Napoleon Bonaparte and the leader of the famous expeditionary army in Egypt. This monument, which can be found at Place Kléber, was built by the artist Philippe Grass in 1840.

The covered bridges (Ponts-Couverts)

The covered bridges are in fact a relic of the town wall dating from the 14th century. They are covering a part of Ill river in the city centre.

European parliament

One week per month, except in August, the European parliament meets in this impressive building at the Ill bank.

European Court of Human Rights

The long building in which is located the European Court of Human Rights can easily be recognized by its two cylinders. It has been designed by the British architect Richard Rogers.

Council of Europe

The European Union, founded in 1949, has its headquarters in a majestic building at the north-eastern edge of Strasbourg.

The Europe Bridge (Pont de l'Europe)

Did you know that Kehl in Germany and Strasbourg in France are connected through a bridge since 1388?

Swing bridge in "La Petite France"

The swing bridge above Ill river was built in 1880 and represents an interesting technical relic from passed times.

Château de Pourtalès

This castle belongs since the 70s to Schiller International University. During the 19th century, it was a meeting point for intellectuals invited by the countess Mélanie de Pourtalès. A hotel and a restaurant are located in the caste. The park is open for public.

Brewery Kronenbourg

Between 700 and 800 employees work in the Kronenbourg brewery, the leading brewery in France and one of the biggest in Europe.


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