General Kellermann monument

This monument shows general Kellermann who is known for his victory over the Prussians in the battle of Valmy.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe monument

This statue reminds Goethe's stay in Strasbourg and can be found at the University of Strasbourg.

Monument aux Morts

This monument at the Place de la République was created to remind of the soldiers killed in action during World War I.

Monument of Johannes Gutenberg

From 1439 to 1444, Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of letterpress printing, lived in Strasbourg. His statue can be found on Place Gutenberg, near to the cathedral.

Monument of General Kléber

The general Kléber was a popular strategist under Napoleon Bonaparte and the leader of the famous expeditionary army in Egypt. This monument, which can be found at Place Kléber, was built by the artist Philippe Grass in 1840.


This aqueduct was finished in 1998, for the 2000th anniversary of Strasbourg. It has been designed by Tomi Ungerer. Das Aquädukt wurde zum 2000-Jahr-Stadtjubiläum 1998 fertiggestellt. Das Denkmal mit dem doppelgesichtigen Januskopf im Brunnenbecken wurde von Tomi Ungerer entworfen.

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