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Sightseeing tours sticky

You can easily discover Strasbourg by walking - but everybody is happy about a little break. This is even better when you can admire the city at the same time: in Strasbourg, there are several ways to do sightseeing in a very relaxed way.

Take the mini-train

This kind of tour is always fun for kids and takes you in 40 minutes to the most important sights in Strasbourg.

Sightseeing tour in a rickshaw

Doing a sightseeing tour in a rickshaw is a comfortable, alternative and eco-friendly way to discover Strasbourg.

A real classic: discover Strasbourg by "deux-chevaux"

The Citroën 2CV, also known as "deux-chevaux" is one of the most famous French cars. Is there any better way to discover Strasbourg than in this vintage car?

Paint the town red by Segway

In the past years, Segways have become a great success and no one can't think about a city where those sightseeing tours are not provided today.

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