Climate & weather in Strasbourg

The Ill river flows through the city of Strasbourg and divides it into two. In the east, Strasbourg is limited by the Rhine river, which is though the only factor dividing Strasbourg from Germany. Strasbourg is located more southern than Paris or Stuttgart, but more in the north than Munich or Vienna.

The city is at 140 metres above sea level and rests on younger alluvial deposits of talus. A very fertile loess terrace extends over the western to the north-wester part of the city and several districts are located there: Schiltigheim, Cronenbourg, Königshoffen et Bischheim. The climate in Strasbourg is one of the mildest in central Europe.

The average temperature of the year is comparable to that of New York, London, Prague or Dublin. But even if there is only little difference between the average temperatur in winter and summer, quite a lot of brusque weather changements happen. Sudden, strong thunderstorms are characteristic for the Rhine valley and Alsace, and usually, there is a lot of rain falling down each year (the average is 130 rain or snow days a year). In general, the weather is best during summer and autumn.