Jew Street (Rue des Juifs)

This little street in the old town of Strasbourg was the commercial street of the Jews in the past. One can find beautiful shops here. When looking at the façades of the houses, it turns obvious that the jewish commercials must have been quite wealthy.

The portal of the former bricklayer guilde's tavern (1506-1789) in house number 9 is worth seeing, as well as house number 11, where the family Batzendorf lived during the 13th century. The first one shows a beautiful round arch on two pillars, the second one is nicely decorated with small flowers. Parts of it were built in the style of Louis XIV. Princess Christina of Saxony lived in house number 72, she was the aunt of Louis XVI. This house is decorated with artistic wrought-iron elements.


Rue des Juifs, Strasbourg

Image source: Olevy, wikimedia commons