The botanical garden

The botanical garden in Strasbourg is 3.5 hectars large and is located in the middle of the city, at about one kilometre in the east of the cathedral. You find it in the former district of the university, between the university building and the observatory. Access is via the rue de Goethe, 28. You can take the bus lines 2, 12 and 32 to get there. The entrance is free. When snow or frost, the park is closed for safety reasons.

This park belongs to the University Louis Pasteur that looks for its maintenance and the scientific evaluation. One may call it a living museum because here, pupils can descover plants they only know from books. A part of the botanical garden of Strasbourg is envisaged for experiments and research on flowerbeds.

More and more, the park opens its doors for the public, for whom it represents a place of nature and silence in the heart of the city. But, it differs from other parks in the way that there are some plants which are dangerous because of their toxicity or their spines and thorns. For this reason, children may not play in the botanical garden.

Opening hours of the botanical garden in Strasbourg:

Open from March, 1 until December, 23 
01/03 - 03/04 and 01/09 - 31/10: Monday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm 
02/05 - 31/08: Monday to Sunday from 2pm to 7pm 
01/11 - 23/12: Monday to Sunday from 2pm to 4pm