Alsatian marquetry in Boersch

In Boersch, an Alsatian village, you have the possibility to admire Alsatian marquetery made by the artist Jean-Charles Spindler.

Gallery Fou du Roi

This gallery is near the Rue des Juifs and exhibits furniture as well as contemporary and spectacular objects, like for example vases and lamps.

La Galérie L'Estampe

Publishing house and art gallery since 1979.

Gallery Nicole Buck

Nicole Buck exhibits contemporary art in a beautiful house dating from the 17th century.

Gallery Pascale Froessel

This gallery exhibits the works of modern artists and Naive Art. For example, you can admire paintings by Daufin, Davrileck or Beszie there.

Gallery Ritsch-Fisch

Jean-Pierre Ritsch-Fisch exhibits "Art Brut" and other similar art movements in his gallery in Strasbourg.

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