Discover Strasbourg on a boat trip on the Ill river

Batorama provides interesting boat trips through Strasbourg: "Strasbourg: 20 centuries of history", "Strasbourg, grande île", ʺStrasbourg, l’Européenneʺ, ʺStrasbourg, les bâtisseurs“ and ʺEuropean parliament: Visit the european parliament!ʺ

During those boat trips on the river Ill, you can listen to audioguides in twelve different languages:

  • English
  • Alsatian
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Corean
  • Portuguese
  • French

The ticket office and tour beginning is at the Place de la Cathédrale about 60 metres from Strasbourg Cathedral.

1st boat trip: "Strasbourg, 20 centuries of history"
(Duration: 1h15)
This boat trip shows the different architecture of Strasbourg, you will see buildings like The Ancienne Douane, the covered bridges, the European Parliament and lots more.

Full rate: 13,00€
Reduced rate age 4-12: 7,50€
Free for children under 4 years

Depature times:

9.30h, 9.45h 16-20 tours (workdays)
from 9.45h 17-20 tours (weekend)

9.45h, 10.15h, 10.45h, 11.00h, 11.30h, 14.15h 4-20 tours (workdays)
9.45h, 10.15h, 10.30h, 11.00h, 11.30h 8-23 tours (weekend)

9.45h to 17.00h 19 tours (workdays)
from 9.45h 23-24 tours (weekend)
Attention: the last tours on 24th and 31st take place at 5 pm

2nd boat trip: "Strasbourg, grande ile"
(Duration: 45 minutes)
The Petite France district and the historic city center of Strasbourg are in the focus of this boat trip.

Full rate: 9,90 €
Reduced rate age 4-12: 6,00 €
Free for children under 4 years

Depature times:

11.30h, 12.45h 1-2 tours (workdays)
11.30h one tour (weekend)
Attention: There is no tour on the 31st   

Attention:  the tour is sold out from the 1st to the 19th of November and on the 21st of November
10.30h, 11.00h, 11.45h 1-2 tours (workday 20.11, 27.11-30.11.2017)
11.00h one tour (weekend den 25. and 26.11.2017)

11.00h one tour (workdays)
11.00h one tour (weekend)

3rd boat trip: "Strasbourg, l`Europeenne"
(Duration: 45 minutes)
The tour offers a wonderful view on the magnificent buildings of the eastern city and also includes a visit of the European institutions.

Full rate: 9,90€
Reduced rate age 4-12: 6,00€
Free for children under age 4

4th boat trip: "Strasbourg, les batisseurs"
Full rate: 13,00€
Reduced rate age 4-12: 7,50€
Free for children under 4 years

5th boat trip: "European parliament: Visit the european parliament"
(Duration:50 minutes + visit)
The tour is divided into two episodes:
The first episode is a boat trip around the grand ile which ends in front of the european parliament. In the second part of the tour you have the chance to visit the parliament.

Full rate: 15,60€
Reduced rate age 4-12: 9,05€
Free for children under 4

More information:

The boats used for these trips are covered and heated in winter, air-conditioned in summer.

If you book before, you can book a boat suitable for wheelchairs - it takes up to four wheelchairs.

You can't bring any animal on board, except for guide dogs with their masters.

Only bags and objects that are not unwieldy can be brought on board. No suitcases or bicycles. Prams are allowed.

There are toilets on all boats.

- all information is given without guarantee -

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