Holidays in France

When staying in France, you will surely would like to know about closed shops on holidays, not only on Sundays. Here, we list you all the holidays in France and in Alsace.

Holidays in France:

  • January 1st (New Year)
  • Easter Monday (2017: April 17th; 2018: April 2nd)
  • May 1st (May Day)
  • May 8th (on the occassion of the liberation by the Allies in 1945)
  • Ascension (2017: May 25th; 2018: Mai 10th)
  • Whit Monday (2017: Mai 16th; 2018: Mai 21st)
  • July 14th (national holiday)
  • August 15th (Assumption)
  • November 1st (All Saints' Day)
  • November 11th (Armistice; remembrance of the ceasefire at the end of the First World War)
  • Dezember 25th (Christmas)

There are two more holidays in Alsace:

  • Good Friday (2017: April 14th; 2018: March 30th)
  • Dezember 26th (Christmas)