Le Vaisseau

"Le Vaisseau" is a museum especially for children: here, they can learn interesting things about science and technology in a playful way.

It is a discovering place where sciences and technologies are transmitted in a pedagogical, but playful way. The museum addresses children who are between 3 and 15 years old, but also families, school classes, excursion groups and tourists as well as companies.

Children of all ages and nationalities can come together here and gain profit from this place of encounter and exchange. Three languages are spoken in Le Vaisseau: French, German and English.

The goals of "Le Vaisseau" are diverse: discovering sciences and technology, opening and sensibilization towards other cultures, activities together for children with or without disabilities and encouraging children for environmental consciousness.

Plus, this museum supports parents and teachers in their role as educators and makes interesting offers, like interactive exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, a pedagogic garden, movies in 3D, worshops etc. A visit here is absolutely worth it!

Opening hours:
Visit the museum's website for opening hours and admission prices - www.levaisseau.com/en/