The 5 best sights in Strasbourg

When in Strasbourg, we absolutely recommend to visite those five sites: the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Tomi Ungerer museum, the district "La Petite France", the European parliament and the Museum of Modern Art.

  1. Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg
    The impressive cathedral is known in the whole world and the landmark of Strasbourg. Its tower is 140 metres high and the rosette has a diameter of 15 meters.
  2. European Parliament
    The European parliament is situated at the bank of the river Ill, in a futuristic building. A guided tour in the building is a real must.
  3. Tomi Ungerer Museum
    Tomi Ungerer, freethinker and illustrator born in Strasbourg, is a representant of liberty and tolerance. In his museum in the Villa Greiner, you can see a big part of his artwork.
  4. La Petite France 
    This district is the most lovely of Strasbourg, even if there are always a lot of tourists taking a walk here.
  5. Museum of Modern Art / Musée d’Art Morderne 
    If you want to see World Art in Strasbourg, you have to go here. For example, exhibitions with art by Gustave Doré, Claude Monet, Max Liebermann and Jean Arp take place in this museum.