Fashion sticky

Strasbourg is the right city for fashion lovers who like to do shopping all day long.

Shopping centres, department stores

There are several shopping centres and department stores with a huge range of products in all price categories in Strasbourg.

Weekly markets

France has a distinctive market culture which can be seen in Strasbourg: almost every day, there is a possibility to buy regional products, vegetables, meat produce, cheese and lots of other things on a market. Naturally, you can taste a lot of things, too!

Souvenir shops, ceramics, gifts

If you are looking for a small present for those who stayed at home, you may find something in one of those shops, offering Alsatian artwork and much more.


There are several perfumeries and cosmetic shops in Strasbourg, offering scents for everybody.

Cloth, wool, needlework

For those who love knitting and sewing and other needlework, there exist some shops in Strasbourg.

Leather goods

In several shops in Strasbourg, you can find leather googs like purses, handbags and suitcases.

Alsatian wine, wine-tastings

Alsace is a beautiful wine region and we absolutely recommend to do a wine-tasting in one of the "caves", the wine cellars. Lots of wine-growing estates offer this possibility without booking before.


In the country of gourmets, you won't get past cheese, mussels, chocolate and alcoholic drinks. We let you know where to discover all those delicacies.

Bookshops, books

If you would like to read French literature in the original language or if you are just looking for a new book, you will find something in one of these shops.


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