Tomi Ungerer Museum

The inauguration of the Tomi Ungerer Museum in the Villa Greiner took place November 2nd in 2007. About 8 000 drawings, sculputres and posters are exhibited on 700m².

About four million euros were necessary for the renovation of the Villa Greiner - it was the city of Strasbourg that promoted this changement. Another name for the museum is "Centre international de l'illustration" (International centre of Illustration).

The museum is located on two floors, the first one shows drawings by Tomi Ungerer, the second one publicity posters. On the ground floor, you can have a look on the erotic works by Tomi Ungerer, like for example the "Kamasutra des grenouilles". Tomi Ungerer's humour is omnipresent, even in the figurative mark of the museum, showing, on a pink background, two eyes wearing glasses. Everywhere in the museum, you will discover toys of Tomi Ungerer that he gave to the city several decades ago. A part of those toys can be found in Rohan-Palace.

Three times a year, the responsables for the museum change the exhibition models in order to prevent sun damages. For this reason, there are always new exhibitions showing about 300 artpieces by Tomi Ungerer.

The museum is located next to the Théâtre National.

Opening hours: 
Monday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm, closed on Tuesdays.

Full rate: 6,50 €
Reduced rate: 3,50 €

Villa Greiner
2, avenue de la Marseillaise
67076 Strasbourg Cedex
Phone: +33 (0)3 68 98 51 53