Royal Palace Kirrwiller

Kirrwiller is a small town in northern Alsace, in the middle of a picturesque, hilly countryside. Lots of people call this region the "French Tuskany"

Only this would be a good reason to visit Kirrwiller. But a lot of people come here for a completely other matter, and it is particularly remarkable: revue theatre is more known from Paris and not from the calm Alsatian region. But the "Royal Palace" has achieved its goal - professional entertainment with cabaret finds its public here, near to Strasbourg, with 200 000 visitors per year.

Whether in the theatre or in his kitchen: Pierre Meyer, head of the Royal Palace, only hires experts, like for example his chef bruno Schlewitz who was an apprentice in the famous "Auberge de l'Ill" (3 stars by the Michelin guide), in the Ritz in Paris and he was Paul Bocuse's pupil. 

The programme in the Royal Palace revue theatre is at a high level, even internationally: an orchestra accompanies the 1000 visitors in two restaurants during their menu containing several courses and afterwards in the big theatre hall where a colourous show takes place.

Yet, this dream begins at the theatre's gate - it starts when visitors enter the house, where glamour determines the journey through a fascinating world of secrets, miracles and illusions. 

Royal Palace in Kirrwiller near Strasbourg - Eroticism, show and glamour

Artists, erotic dancers and a big ballet group abduct the public in a fantastic dream world for more than one hour and a half - without any break. There are various artists keeping the public on their toes: jugglers, acrobats, dancers and so on. In order to hold the show on a high level, Pierre Meyer travels through the whole world, looking for the best artists. In the entertainment branch, he has an extraordinary reputation and even international stars offer their service. However, it took decades for Pierre Meyer to transform the Royal Palace into what it is today. In the beginning, there were only an inheritance and a vision: more than 30 years ago, Pierre Meyer took over his parents' restaurant where he organized regular dance nights. German stars like the Flippers, Heino and Toni Marschall sang in the restaurant. But Pierre Meyer dreamt of Paris and Las Vegas and their famous shows - and of a revue theatre. In 1980, he started a small show which grew further and further. Since then, he invested millions of euros, but today, he can see the success of those investments. 

Compared to other shows, Kirrwiller is not too expensive and groups profit from special conditions. This is why about 20 busses from near and far reach Kirrwiller when a new show takes place.

Royal Palace in Kirrwiller – easily accessible

Kirrwiller is about half an hour car drive from Strasbourg and easily accessible via the A4 and E25.

When coming from the German side (Baden-Baden), you best take the way through Iffezheim and Hanau, then in direction Saverne. In Obermodern, you can turn to Kirrwiller. Duration from Baden-Baden: about one hour.


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