For sale: Production warehouse Karlsruhe region


For sale: Production warehouse with office buildings in Mittelbaden, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany- excellent location and great condition

Description of the object:

For sale: Built-on plot (total area: 31,200 sq. metres) with production hall and office buildings in Mittelbaden. The buildings are very presentable and in excellent condition. The site is one of the best locations in Germany and in Europe.

Commercial premises:

Warehouse: approx. 3,675 sq. metres

Office buildings: approx. 1,886 sq. metres

Incl. approved planning permission for neighbouring buildings (as a production/storage warehouse): approx. 679 sq. metres

Built in: approx. 1990 the warehouse was expanded to the side in 2006. The buildings are in very good condition. Large land reserves are included in the plot.

Construction style: Concrete/steel skeleton structures with brickwork filling

Foundation: Concrete/steel

There is no basement.

Interior walls: Offices are separated using lightweight partition walls, sometimes with calcium silicate block masonry, or glass paneling

Floor slabs: Concrete/steel

Stairs: In the office buildings and the production warehouse there are concrete stairs, and some simple steel industrial stairs.

Buyer’s fees: 4.76%

The information given here is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Subject to errors and prior sale. Should mediation arise, the buyer will pay Webmanager GmbH ( a mediation fee of 4.76% of the price including VAT.

Land transfer tax, notary and court costs are to be covered by the buyer. The transaction; the payment of the fees, should be made in Euro or whichever currency is used in Germany at that point in time. The court of jurisdiction is defined as the Baden-Baden court.



Ground floor administrative offices:

Entry hall, with a glass encased stairway, presentably designed, the layout is utilitarian and spacious, with office and production space, in the systems sector there are interior rooms: changing rooms, locker rooms, bath rooms, transformer/electrical rooms, batteries, CUA, lifts and machine room.

Ground floor warehouse:

Single storey, glass encased structure between the office buildings and the warehouse area which contains the first-aid room, and the compressor room for the future warehouse.

Upper level of the office building:

Switchboard security system, executive management, large and small personal offices, canteen, kitchen, ancillary rooms (janitorial rooms), washrooms (toilets and showers), IT rooms (Server), copy machine rooms.

Upper level of the warehouse:

Access to the industrial steel staircase, which cannot be accessed from the ground floor, engineering room. The engineering headquarters can be accessed via a set of steel concrete stairs, fire prevention measures are in place in accordance with the current standards.


Net level area:

GL: 3,967.77 sq metres

L1: 1,348.95 sq metres

Total cubage: 27,372.420 m³

Floor, ceiling and wall coverings:

Floor coverings:

High-quality carpet, some linoleum, in the production areas there is coated industrial screed, and in the washrooms and kitchens there are ceramic tiles.

Ceiling coverings:

Suspended acoustic ceilings with built-in louver luminaires.


Equipped as a kitchenette (Sink) with a special oven.

Windows and doors:

Aluminium windows, exterior blinds surrounding the building, Plastic coated doors, high-quality design, wooden frames, in the production area T-30-Steel doors and frames, some with glass windows, some explosion proof, Steel doors in the server room and chemical rooms, Fire safety doors.

Electrics and plumbing installed, heating and hot water supply:

Fully modernized electrics, complete networking of workstations, electric blinds, air conditioned server and scanning rooms, pneumatic delivery system. Gas central heating system supplied for the entire operation, warm air flow in the warehouse, air humidifier and partial air conditioning in the production and storage facilities.

Well-equipped toilets in the office and production areas.

Special features:         


8-person lift between GL and L1

Air humidifier and air conditioning, installation level located under the floor in the transformer room

Pneumatic delivery system

Lighting and sunlight:

Optimally designed free-standing building, the lighting and the sunlight is very good, there are interior technology and filing rooms.

Floor plan design:

Short distances, generous layout, optimal production process, ample storage space possible

Outside space:

Facing the street, there is a driveway which leads through a gate system. The car parks and the various driveways are paved using concrete slabs. The entire facility is fenced in. The enclosed area is connected to the sewer system. On the site there are:

12 visitors parking spots in front of the administration building

78 employee parking spots in total

Transformer station, chemical containers, access for lorries with room for turning and a gated fence.



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